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This approach represents sport driven by purpose. Electric flying car racing will hasten the arrival of the advanced air mobility revolution, a clean air form of transport that promises to transform global logistics, urban passenger transport and is already being used for remote medical applications. Racing, as it did at the dawn of the automobile and aviation age, drives progress and addresses key developmental questions around safety, awareness and technology. 

From its inception, Airspeeder has been built in response to the global requirement to rapidly develop clean air mobility technologies. This extends to the philosophy around the staging of races, events and operations.  Races require no resource-heavy infrastructure. Tracks are built digitally utilising the latest LiDAR, Radar and Augmented Reality Technology. This means there is no requirement to build impactful infrastructure. As a consequence Airspeeder will take racing to places it has never been before, offering fans watching via global streaming services the opportunity to witness racing in a more diverse range of landscapes than is possible in any other form of motorsport.


Accelerating a clean air mobility revolution.


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About us

Passionate about savings

The Electrov8 team has more than 40 years’ of energy industry experience. Our Account Managers have worked directly for the Big 6 UK energy suppliers, so we know the industry inside and out.

Our team of dedicated experts constantly monitors the market, looking for new opportunities to help customers lower their electricity and gas bills. Every customer has their own named Account Manager who is tasked with understanding your needs and goals and finding ways to help you cut costs and energy use year after year.

About us

Passionate about the planet

Our team is also passionate about helping business become greener. We offer a complete selection of green energy tariffs that use only 100% sustainable, zero-emission sources of electricity.

Your account manager will provide practical, realistic help and guidance on how to reduce energy consumption. And we’ll also help you find ways to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact, so we can all play our part in saving the planet.


Going green doesn’t have to be expensive or impractical.

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